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Grace Like An Avalanche

What is my worth? What is my value? I think these are questions that every person has asked himself or herself at one time or another. I grew up with this idea that everything that was ever given to me had to be earned. I used to have such a difficult time receiving things from people. I remember how awkward birthday parties felt as a kid. I used to hate being the center of … [Read More...]


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What is prayer? People from the beginning of time have prayed. Although it involves accessing the supernatural, it is one of the most natural things that we as … [Read More...]


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What is Freedom?

  Of all of the words in the English language, the word freedom is one that may be the most open to interpretation. Freedom is often identified by a defining … [Read More...]


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New Mailing Address

Some fun news, My husband and I have recently moved to Mt. Shasta from Torrance to be closer to my family. We are still continuing … [Read More...]

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Mountains of Impact

  I’ve always believed I was born with big dreams in my heart. I’m sure some were accumulated along the way, but large aspirations and dreams have always … [Read More...]

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Keeping The Faith

With the closing of this parenting series, comes perhaps the most crucial part. Now that you have children, what are some of the best ways to continue the faith in … [Read More...]