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Money Matters

Few topics produce as much discussion, concern, and even anxiety as the topic of money. Most of us spend a good portion of our days trying to earn, save, and figure out how (not) to spend it. In the context of marriage, financial pressures and the constant need to make decisions about money can sometimes be a strain. In fact, one 2012 research study published in the Family … [Read More...]


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What does it mean to be a witness? What does it mean to be a witness for Jesus? Many have defined witnessing for Jesus as being bold and sharing your faith. It may … [Read More...]


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My Journey With Jesus

Written by Peter Dehaan Procured by Delbert Teachout For some, the conversion story is dramatic: a rebellious existence far from God when he rescued them and … [Read More...]


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Freedom & Fashion

Bonnie Kim, founder and CEO of Freedom and Fashion, is passionate about ending sex trafficking and child labor in Los Angeles and around the world. She realized … [Read More...]

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New Mailing Address

Some fun news, My husband and I have recently moved to Mt. Shasta from Torrance to be closer to my family. We are still continuing … [Read More...]

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What does it mean to be “blessed?” What is a blessing? What does it mean when someone utters the phrase “God bless you?” Somehow this religious word has entered into … [Read More...]

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Famous Last Words

I buried my ninety-seven-year-old grandmother this week. I didn’t get to say goodbye while she was still living. As she lay in her casket, the struggle finally out … [Read More...]

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Small Can Be Big

  As the downturn in the economy began to take its toll in late 2008, the homeless situation in Massachusetts worsened. With good jobs and reasonable rent … [Read More...]