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Featuring articles such as Grace Like An Avalanche, The Art of Suffering, What is Freedom?, Finances & Gender Roles in Marriage, Seeking the Holy Spirit amidst the clutter of life and more… Read it online for free here. … [Read More...]


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What does it mean to be a witness? What does it mean to be a witness for Jesus? Many have defined witnessing for Jesus as being bold and sharing your faith. It may … [Read More...]


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My Journey With Jesus

Written by Peter Dehaan Procured by Delbert Teachout For some, the conversion story is dramatic: a rebellious existence far from God when he rescued them and … [Read More...]


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Freedom & Fashion

Bonnie Kim, founder and CEO of Freedom and Fashion, is passionate about ending sex trafficking and child labor in Los Angeles and around the world. She realized … [Read More...]

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New Mailing Address

Some fun news, My husband and I have recently moved to Mt. Shasta from Torrance to be closer to my family. We are still continuing … [Read More...]

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Parental Pardon

One of the most shocking revelations I ever had about my parents was that they’re real people. When I entered adulthood, I realized they don’t know everything. When … [Read More...]

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An Offer You Can Refuse

As a young man I was not raised in a Christian home. I never attended church. I never opened a Bible. I didn’t believe in the existence of God–I was an atheist. I … [Read More...]