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Spreading A Little Kindness

My first year of college, I was stressed. I didn’t know how I was going to afford tuition, I didn’t have a job lined up, and I didn’t have any clue how I would have time to get it all done. I went grocery shopping with a few people I had met recently, and the whole time I was filled with worry about how I was going to get a job and how much of my savings I had already spent. I … [Read More...]


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The Light of Christ

  I was afraid of the dark as a kid. But when the light came on and I could see again, I wasn’t afraid any more. That is what Jesus did for this world. Where … [Read More...]


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Finding Your Place

  I began serving at church at an early age, I believe 12 years old. My parents were both heavily involved in the church when I was growing up. We would go to … [Read More...]


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Christmas SPIRIT Foundation

It’s hard to beat the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation agrees and developed a plan for delivering fresh evergreens to deployed … [Read More...]

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Heart for Africa

When I was sixteen years old, I felt God speak my destiny over my life in which I knew God wanted me to serve him and be a voice to the church. I knew for the first … [Read More...]

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Many Christians talk about being called. Whether it’s to this ministry or to that particular church, many use the word “calling” to state their certainty in making … [Read More...]

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What Is Prayer?

Flying, just the thought of it, had given me anxiety attacks throughout my life. So how in the world did I go from being terrified of flying to becoming a pilot for … [Read More...]