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Are Christians Just Nice People or New People?

  I’m a huge fan of makeovers. I could spend hours watching rooms, houses, and people being rehabbed, dressed up, spruced up, or slimmed down. My dream cable TV station would be The Makeover Channel, featuring all makeovers all the time. I’d binge watch past episodes of What Not to Wear, The Biggest Loser, and Extreme Makeover (home and body editions). Looking at “Before” … [Read More...]


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Come and Follow Me

When I became a Christian, I didn’t know what discipleship was, and in all honesty, years after giving my heart to the Lord, I still didn’t. After five years as a … [Read More...]


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Loving God by Loving Others

  We use the word love frequently, often without thought. We say we love pizza from a certain pizzeria. We say we love a certain television show and take time … [Read More...]


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When Things Go Wrong

Some things in life are not easy, like eating with chopsticks, doing math in your head, or cooking something other than microwave popcorn for dinner. Then there’s … [Read More...]

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Have you ever been lost and realized the whole time that you were driving the wrong way? I remember getting up on the morning of my wedding day with my best man and … [Read More...]

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The Gaza Strip

A recent BBC report partially attributes the December 2008 rocket attack by Hamas to a blockade set by Israeli forces in Gaza. The blockade was established nineteen … [Read More...]


Money Matters

Few topics produce as much discussion, concern, and even anxiety as the topic of money. Most of us spend a good portion of our days trying to earn, save, and figure … [Read More...]